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Tui Na Bodywork - Is This Oriental Massage For You?

Tui Na, also known as Na Chi is an ancient Chinese philosophical discipline, one that has been developed by utilizing the principles and methods of Taoism, the classical China school of thought. It is an adherence to the fundamentals of Yin (or Yang) which are two of the most fundamental components …

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Learn the Swedish Massage Therapy Benefits for Your Body and Mind

Swedish massage is a branch of therapeutic massage that entails an array of different techniques or movementsthat range from gentle strokes (called effleurage) to penetrating friction (caditate). Swedish massage techniques include friction, kneading and slow, gentle strokes. The massage strokes are …

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Tui Na And Acupuncture Points

Tui Na is a very well-known food in the province of Chi, Taiwan. It is also known as Na-tang. Tui Na is a form of alternative healing that is similar to shiatsu, acupressure. It is utilized in conjunction with other traditional Chinese methods of healing such as acupunctureand Moxibustion, fire cupp…

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

A hot stone massage is a highly popular form of massage therapy worldwide. It's used in conjunction with other techniques to assist you relieve and relax tense muscles and injured soft tissues throughout your body. Hop over to this website During a hot stone massage, generally warm, smooth, cold st…

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